Other Baseball Blogs I Enjoy

Ernest Reyes’ Blue Heaven at http://www.dodgersblueheaven.com posts some Dodger news and also does a great job of telling you what’s going on at various Dodger blogs and Dodgers-related sites around the internet. Your one stop shop for all things Dodgers.
Dodgers Beat, which originated as “Mark Cuban Save The Dodgers” and later just “Save The Dodgers,” brings you game summeries, player interviews, discussion of Dodgers-related topics, and more. Check them out at dodgersbeat.com!
WEST COAST YANKEES – Billy Brost blogs on the Yankees, fantasy baseball and other baseball topics at his blog, West Coast Yankees. ┬áBilly brings several years of experience playing the game to his writing and has tremendous insight into the game of baseball and what it takes to win. ┬áCheck him out at http://mlblogswestcoastyankees.wordpress.com
Out Of Left Field – Kimm Susini keeps an excellent baseball blog, including a lot of ballpark trips and visits. Her primary focus is the Oakland Athletics, but she doesn’t limit her site to it. A great site to take the time to read! http://turnstwo.wordpress.com

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