Donate To The Blog

Eric’s Dodgers Blog provides articles, game recaps, photos and more to you, the reader, any time free of charge.  There are never any subscription fees for the content and of course The Blog seeks to deliver the best experience it can deliver.

Creating content is time consuming.  Travel to and from games, parking, food, etc. gets rather expensive over the course of a season, and of course tickets come at a cost.  Eric’s Dodgers Blog is dedicated to bringing you the best experience both on and off the field as possible, but would like to upgrade in a few areas if possible.

Among our list of wants:

-An actual domain name to host the blog on.

-Google Analytics (to help us better understand who is reading what and what content you, the reader, want to see without posting annoying polls.)

-The ability to expand the reach of some articles through advertising to broaden the number of people who get exposed to this blog.

-An upgrade on the amount of cloud storage space we have access to for the purpose of posting game-taken photos and storing video content.

-Expanded memory storage for camera/camcorder.

-Batteries for camera/camcorder.

-Possible increase in mobile broadband capacity

-If donations are high, purchase of a Google Chromebook product to take to the ballpark in order to be able to write articles while at the ballpark.

If there is a LOT of support, I’d love to be able to use donations to make one or two ballpark trips per season to document the Dodgers on the road.  I just went to San Francisco on my own dime and will be creating a video documenting what a gameday experience at AT&T Park is like.  I have over 90 minutes of footage to share with all of you and I’d love for this to be just the first of many road trip videos that I take for the site.  I’d also be interested in using some of the proceeds toward a full season ticket package (2 tickets.)  A full package would give me greater access to the ballpark through such perks as the VIP access and I could also maybe use some tickets I don’t use as give-away items to other fans as to give them an opportunity to either come with me to games or to share with a friend for games I can’t use.

I plan to use ALL proceeds from donations toward either improvement of, promotion of, or expansion of this blog or toward Dodger-related ticket, travel, and gameday expenses.

Thank you for your consideration of donating to Eric’s Dodgers Blog.  If you would like to contribute, please click the convenient PayPal “Donate” button at the top of the page or posted down below.


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