Eric’s Dodgers Blog: Back for Now

So, after some time off from blogging, after stints trying to write for a couple of other sites, I’m back home here at Eric’s Dodgers Blog.  At least for now.

The downside to writing for others or in collaboration with others is this: there is always a limit to what I can post and why.  What I always loved about blogging for myself is that I can do so on my own time, on my own schedule.  I can pick my topics.  I can be as short and sweet or as lengthy and drawn-out as I want to be.  I can write for 5 readers or 500 readers.  It doesn’t matter.

I don’t know how long I’m back for.  If I do go write for another site, I need them to understand that I am not looking to have a mass audience simply for the sake of having a mass audience.  I seek to educate on the Dodgers, their history, the franchise as it stands now.  I want to have the freedom to be controversial, to take stances that might not be popular with ownership or with the majority of fans.  I’m not just looking to write updates or sappy pieces about Andre Ethier (although I am a fan of the guy, and I hope he is recovering well and can contribute after the All Star Break.)

In short…..I’ve never wanted to write to make people happy.  I’ve written because I want people to think.  I want to be able to present team issues on and off the field, in the dugout, in management, and be able to say my peace without someone coming to me and saying “Eric, that’s a bit much, can you tone it down?”

I want to express thanks to Jonathan Garza and Billy Brost, baseball writers with whom I have worked in the past couple of years.  Their knowledge and insights into the game and writing are tremendous and their friendships are friendships I value.

I also want to express appreciation to my friend and business partner Ernie Villa.  Beyond baseball we now own the Dip’d Truck ( and are looking to grow a food and catering company from blood, sweat, tears, and a supply of money that might seem low for most start-ups but we’re committed to make that stretch.

So here I am.  I’m back.  And at times so is Chase Utley.  Chase the Dream…..The Blog is back.  The Blog won’t be the same.

More to come.



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