Alex Rodriguez Suspended 200+ Games, Will Appeal, and The Blog Is Not Happy.

Alex Rodriguez has been suspended by Major League Baseball through the end of the 2014 season. However, he has appealed the ruling and will play for the Yankees tonight. (Image source:

I can’t focus on my recap right now.  Too angry to focus on Dodger Baseball at the moment.  The only bright side is that of the twelve suspensions handed down by Major League Baseball that will go into full effect today, none of the players are Dodgers.

12 names, in some cases big names (with Nelson Cruz and Johnny Peralta being perhaps the biggest,) were listed as having accepted fifty game suspensions with no appeal to their bans.

Alex Rodriguez was suspended 200+ games by Major League Baseball, including the remainder of the 2013 season and all of the 2014 season.

Rodriguez is appealing the suspension.  He will be in the starting lineup tonight.

First, I’m frustrated because I felt this was Bud Selig’s place to finally lay down the law.  A lifetime ban.  Even if it was overturned, it would have been understood that Selig was trying to clean up the mess that he contributed to.  It would have underscored the severity of what it means not only to cheat in the game of baseball, but to lie about it, consistently and repeatedly.  It would have further gone to show that when you do so without remorse for your actions, you will face the maximum penalty allowed.

People will agree or disagree with the length of Rodriguez’s suspension.  They will agree or disagree about whether or not PEDs have a place in the game of baseball.  But the rules are the rules.  Alex Rodriguez, according to the evidence that Major League Baseball has against him, has violated those rules.  He has done so blatantly.  He has dragged other players into this mess with him.  He has attempted to hide it, to cover it up, to try to “make it go away.”  And he has one hundred million reasons to do so.

If I could say something to Alex Rodriguez, it would be this: Alex, here’s a reason not to hide anymore.  You talk about caring for Yankees organization, caring about the game of baseball, and you talk about how much you love this game.  If you really love this game, do it justice.  Come clean.  Not just about some ancient days PED use from your time with the Rangers.  Open the books.  Come clean about all of it.  Come clean about how you hit those 600+ home runs.  Come clean about what you did to become baseball’s highest-paid player.  Come clean about everything.  Then instead of focusing on your own selfish motivations to make money, take that love of the game you claim to have and do something great for the game that you claim you love.

Alex Rodriguez should man up, admit his faults, and apologize. He should offer to compromise with the New York Yankees by establishing that the remaining $60 million on his contract be used to establish an organization that promotes youth sports and educates young athletes about the dangers and consequences of using PEDs. He has $40 million still owed to him by the Texas Rangers so it’s not like he’s got no other income source. If Alex Rodriguez wishes to be an ambassador to the sport he has so thoroughly lied to and tarnished, then he needs to stop acting like a selfish jerk and take steps to help re-establish the integrity of the game and the opportunities that it creates for future generations.

Alex Rodriguez seems incapable of this, though. Playing through an appeal of this suspension and dragging the process out in spite of what I understand is overwhelming evidence against him serves only to tarnish his name more.

Alex Rodriguez will have his day before an arbitrator.  He will have his chance to prove that all we have heard is untrue and put the burden of proof on Major League Baseball.  But even if absolved of any wrongdoing by means of lack of evidence, the tarnish and taint created by the allegations against Rodriguez have put a scar on the game that will not heal quickly, and dragging out the process only serves to make the cut that much deeper.


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