Dodger Pitching Help Hot Stove Update

The Dodgers do not appear to have an imminent move in place to acquire another starting pitcher.  Division rival Arizona currently is considered a “Dark Horse Candidate” to pick up the Chicago Cubs’ Matt Garza according to

The cost on Garza is believed to be high, and it does not appear that the Dodgers are interested in picking up Garza, especially in light of the fact that they have had numerous issues already this year with injuries to pitchers and Garza is a high-risk option due to his injury history.

Word is that the Dodgers contacted the Minnesota Twins in regards to closer Glen Perkins.  So far, however, the Twins have not shown a willingness to part with their closer.

Another possibility the Dodgers are looking into is Chicago White Sox reliever Jesse Crain.  Crain, who sports a 3.05 career ERA, consistently posts ERAs under 3, and has a near-microscopic 0.74 ERA this season in 38 games pitched (36.2 innings,) is one potential bullpen candidate that the team is looking at.  While Chris Withrow and Jose Dominguez have played pivotal roles the past few weeks in picking up the bullpen, the rookies also both have shown some control problems at times.  The veteran Crain is a known commodity who has thrived in big situations with the Minnesota Twins in the past.

Jesse Crain has been injured throughout this season, but his ERA of 0.74 this season in 38 games pitched when healthy is drawing plenty of trade deadline attention for teams in need of bullpen help. (Image source:

The only question mark on Crain is the health of his shoulder.  The righty has missed nearly three weeks with a shoulder injury.  If healthy, Crain could be a valuable addition to the bullpen.  If his shoulder continues to be an issue, however, it is doubtful that Crain can be an effective pitcher and might even be unavailable for some or all of the stretch run.

The next week or so should bring some more clarity as to the direction that teams are moving, though as we all know, you never know what deals a team might swing until the trade deadline has passed.


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