Sneak Peak at AT&T Park Dodgers-Giants Footage (Fan Interviews.)

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the footage I got at on my way to, in and around AT&T Park on Saturday that I’ll be stringing together into a documentary/long infomercial for why you need to come up to San Francisco and see a Dodgers-Giants game on the road.  This is a great look at AT&T Park for those who haven’t been there before or those who haven’t been there in a while.

First, here’s some footage of a couple of girls who are Giants fans who just happened to be walking alongside of me down the left field line.  The girls love AT&T, but as it turned out had never been to Candlestick.  I let them know that was probably a good thing.

And here is an interview with Bay Area Dodger Fan Raul Gomez I did mid-game in back of the center field scoreboard.  Among other things, we put him to the question: AT&T Park or Dodger Stadium?  He’s True Blue, so you know what his response was.


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