Follow-Up On Yesterday’s Ballpark Post: Dodgers Acquire Ricky Nolasco. Capuano Out of Rotation

The Dodgers have acquired Ricky Nolasco (5-8, 3.85 ERA) from the Miami Marlins in exchange for three minor league pitchers (Image source:

The Dodgers acquired Ricky Nolasco from the Miami Marlins yesterday for minor league pitchers Steven Ames, Josh Wall, and Angel Sanchez.  The move had been highly anticipated for some time and word was that the Dodgers’ primary competition for Nolasco was the rival San Francisco Giants.

It seems appropriate then that the Dodgers would acquire Nolasco while locked in a tense game with the Giants at AT&T Park, which is where the Blog was stationed up when it learned via Bleacher Report that the trade was completed.  Immediate reaction by surrounding Dodger fans were smiles and high-fives, while Giants fans pointed at the scoreboard.

Nolasco pitches better at AT&T Park than any other stadium, with a career ERA against the Giants of under 2, so they might not be so happy about the scoreboard if Nolasco takes a turn in the rotation when the Dodgers return to San Francisco in September.

Wall proved mostly ineffective in an early season call-up for the Dodgers during a season in which Don Mattingly’s bullpen has been plagued with inconsistency.  He will likely get a more serious look in South Florida and a chance to prove that he can be a Major League pitcher.  The one thing the Blog liked about Wall was during a blowout game where he was left in to essentially fend for himself despite getting slaughtered out on the mound by the opposing offense, after appearing to suffer an injury when a line drive came back and hit him pretty squarely, he let Don Mattingly know he was okay to finish out the inning.  Wall’s diligence to his job and putting the team before himself might not win him long-lasting memories in Los Angeles, in fact it would be likely he would want to forget that outing.  It does speak, however, to Wall’s willingness to do whatever is necessary in a given situation, even if it means sacrificing personal stats.  The Blog wishes Wall and the other prospects involved in the trade well in Miami.

As for Ricky Nolasco, he comes in with an 8-5 record to go with a 3.85 ERA.  The one-time Marlins ace will take over Chris Capuano’s spot in the Dodger rotation after suffering through a hard-luck season in payroll-depleted Miami where run support has been at a premium after Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria’s fire sale of most of the club’s top players to the Toronto Blue Jays this past offseason.  The Corona-born, Rialto-raised Southern California native is more than excited to be home in Los Angeles, and made his pleasure for the move known on Twitter.  We’ll let the feed speak for itself as to Nolasco’s excitement in joining the Dodgers:

Ricky Nolasco let fans know on Twitter that he is more than excited to come to Los Angeles. The Corona-born, Rialto-raised Southern California native will make his Dodger debut soon, replacing Chris Capuano in the starting rotation.

Nolasco’s first start with the team will be announced soon.  The Blog would like to extend a hearty welcome to Ricky Nolasco to the Dodger organization, a welcome back to Southern California, and hopes and wishes that Nolasco will help the Dodgers live up to the positive hype of this season’s theme of A Whole New Blue.


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