Dodgers Acquire Carlos Marmol for Matt Guerrier, Cash Considerations; Marmol to Minors

The Dodgers completed a somewhat controversial swap of DFA’d relief pitchers today, sending Matt Guerrier to the Chicago Cubs for Carlos Marmol and cash considerations.

The Dodgers have acquired Carlos Marmol and cash considerations for Matt Guerrier. (Image source: at

Social media discussions indicate that the Dodgers acquired the Cubs’ 92nd international signing bonus slot, worth a little over $207,000 toward the signing of an international free agent.

Again, social media reports indicate that Marmol will be sent to the minors “for a few outings” as part of the deal.  If working on Marmol’s control and pitching motion proves successful, a rejuvinated Marmol could be a key piece of the Dodger bullpen down the stretch.  If not, the Dodgers still can utilize the extra signing money to get a young prospect who could develop into a star.

Rather than simply eating Guerrier’s contract, the Dodgers may have gotten something for him.  Hopefully Marmol can find his control with a few minor league tune-ups and the Dodgers will find an exciting young player on the international scene who can make an impact with that bonus money.

As a clarification to some fan concerns, the acquisition of Marmol does not have any impact on the Dodgers’ ability to sign Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez.  This article at written by the mind behind this Blog looks into the possibilities of the Dodgers and other teams signing the Cuban righty and why he is exempt from the international signing cap rules.

The Dodgers will continue to look to fill other needs, such as a possible arm for the starting rotation and a 2 month rental at third base if an upgrade is available.


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