Dodgers apparently close to acquiring Carlos Marmol. (What Are They THINKING?)

The Blog earlier today released an article discussing the possibility that the Dodgers may make some moves before the trade deadline to bolster their starting rotation, possibly add a bullpen arm, and maybe solidify their position at third base.

Apparently we missed the memo that stated that the Dodgers were planning to acquire Carlos Marmol from the Chicago Cubs when we wrote that piece.

Sorry about that.  What were we thinking?

Oh, wait a minute.  Carlos Marmol?  The embattled Chicago Cubs pitcher who worked his way from the closer role to the “Designated For Assignment” list?

Yes, THAT Carlos Marmol. No, really, we’re not kidding. Carlos Marmol. (Image source: CBS Sports at

Better question.  What are the Dodgers thinking?

Social media responses to the rumors of the impending deal range from “why?” to “FIRE NED COLLETTI RIGHT NOW!”

Fans would like to know what general manager Ned Colletti is thinking right now. (Image source:

In reality, the Marmol deal may be a way that the Dodgers are unable to unload the remainder of Matt Guerrier’s contract without eating the entire amount.  A DFA swap that rids the Dodgers of Guerrier once and for all and gets him off the books in exchange for a young reliever with a great deal of talent who might benefit from a fresh start in Los Angeles may, in fact, be exactly what the Dodgers are thinking.

Matt Guerrier, who was recently designated for assignment by the Dodgers, could be part of a “bad contract swap” that would bring Carlos Marmol to Los Angeles. (Image source: True Blue L.A. at

However, since terms of a proposed Marmol deal have not been disclosed, we can only speculate what the Dodgers would give up to acquire Marmol, who left Chicago with a 5.86 ERA and only two saves this season.

Further, the additions of Chris Withrow and Jose Dominguez to the bullpen had indicated that the Dodgers were looking internally to solve their bullpen problems.  Dominguez’s eye-popping fastball registered as high as 101 MPH on the radar gun at Dodger Stadium as he pitched a scoreless eighth inning on Sunday, and Withrow’s high-90’s heat has also impressed fans, though his results thus far have been a little less spectacular.

If Marmol comes to the Dodgers, he would likely find himself playing a lesser role in the bullpen as Kenley Jansen, Paco Rodriguez, J.P. Howell and now Jose Dominguez have appeared to solidified their places in the Dodger bullpen for now. Also, it’s worth noting that Jose Dominguez looks a little bit like a young Pedro Martinez out there with that fastball, that hairdo, and that bling. (Image source: Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness at

We’ll keep an eye on the situation as it develops, but right now the media is absolutely blowing up with Marmol-to-the-Dodgers speculation.


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