Dodgers on a long losing streak…but is help on the way?

Well, keeping up with the blog has proved difficult the last couple of weeks.  By all appearances, the Dodgers offense appears to be having similar success.

It’s time for direct intervention.  The last time the Dodgers won was a week ago on Hanley Ramirez Bobblehead Night at Chavez Ravine when this writer was in attendance.  After last night’s 9-2 beat-down to the Arizona Diamondbacks, it’s time to return to the park in hopes that the team will respond.

Maybe I can become this team’s version of the Rally Monkey, though I’m doubting the fans will be to excited to watch a heavyset, somewhat balding guy in his early 30’s eating a Dodger Dog up on the screen while “Jump Around” plays on the stadium PA system.

The Dodgers are hurting at this point.  Lilly’s back on the D.L.  So is Hanley Ramirez, who’s out with a hamstring strain all too soon after hitting a homer a week ago on his Bobblehead night.  Adrian Gonzalez is playing, but his neck’s been bothering him.  Mark Ellis has hit the disabled list.  Zack Greinke’s still not close enough to coming back to have any word about a rehab start.  Carl Crawford missed a few games with tight hamstrings, and now Jerry Hairston, Jr. is on the 15 day DL with a hamstring injury.

One has to begin to wonder exactly why there are so many hamstring injuries.  Blaming the training staff seems a little silly, but fans making complaints may have a point.  Matt Kemp’s hot start last season got derailed by hamstring injuries, and he’s looked slow at times this year despite the injury that he’s stated to be recovering from being his shoulder.  Crawford, Hairston, Ramirez and Ellis have all experienced degrees of hamstring problems this season now.  Some fans are citing this as the Dodgers’ primary problem and are suggesting the training staff should be re-evaluated.  Whether or not the training staff is at fault for this spate of early season injuries remains to be seen, but there is no denying that the Dodgers are pulling and straining a lot of hamstrings lately.

Meanwhile, fan frustration is readily noticeable on the internet.  A recent post was by the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Facebook page showing Matt Kemp giving his cap, jersey and shoes to a disabled fan.  The video is worth viewing, by the way, and can be seen here:

The reaction to Kemp’s act of generosity, however, was decidedly mixed.  Criticism of Kemp’s early-season struggles were rampant.  One commenter suggested that Kemp should “have promised the sick kid that he would hit a home run like Babe Ruth did,” an obvious cheap shot at Kemp’s early season struggles.  Others were quick to praise Kemp and defend him against fans.  Even the social media page runner took issue with fans criticism of Kemp, effectively telling them that this was not the time or place to criticize Kemp’s performance when he was showing generosity.

The Dodgers send Beckett to the mound tonight at 7:10 p.m. at Chavez Ravine.  This writer will be there.  Hopefully they can put an end to a 5 game losing streak and get things back on track.


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