A Quick Recap of the Baltimore Series (Games 16-18)

Well, the Dodgers got healthy on Sunday, and I’m getting healthy today.

The Dodgers dropped the first two games of the series in Baltimore.  After Friday night’s rainout, 7-5 and 6-1 losses bookended a day-night double header that saw the Dodgers get out to a 4-0 lead in Game 1 featuring a 3 run shot off the bat of Andre Ethier and pretty much not gain much offensive traction in Game 2.  The Dodger losing streak was at 6, and the team was clearly frustrated.

Sunday would bring sunshine and some offense, however.  Chad Billingsley, scheduled to start for the Dodgers that day, wound up having to call off with reports of pain in his elbow.  The Dodgers rushed Stephen Fife up from Albuquerque to make an emergency start.  Fife gave up 3 runs in the first inning, but settled in to pitch 4 2/3.  Fife got a no-decision, and his stat line wasn’t necessarily impressive, but we have to give him kudos: he got the call-up just a few hours before game time, was rushed on and off a plane, and was probably not settled in and running on an adrenaline rush by the time he took the mound in Baltimore.  Fife’s effort should be recognized not so much for the statistics, which were unimpressive, but for the fact that he answered the call and gave the Dodgers some sorely-needed innings as their starting rotation, once vaunted as being 8 deep, suddenly finds itself in need of repairs.

Matt Kemp heated up, picking up 3 hits including an RBI single in the Bottom of the 5th that capped off a 4 run inning and put the Dodgers on top 5-4.  The bullpen shut down the Orioles for the rest of the game and the Dodgers had their first win in about a week.

The Dodgers have an off-day today and take on the New York Mets next.  We’ll have a series preview for the Mets soon.  Hopefully better health is in store this week both for this writer and for the Dodgers.


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