Jackie Robinson Day – Heightened Alert After Incident In Boston

I was about to start working on an article about Jackie Robinson when I received word that there had been 2 explosions at the Boston Marathon.

There have been no reports of any threats to any areas outside of Boston, but the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has put the public on heightened alert.

The Dodgers have a highly visible presence of LAPD officers at every game.  I still encourage anyone who has a ticket to tonight’s game to go as the festivities will be wonderful.  Chances are good that nothing will happen at the Dodger game tonight other than some good baseball, and of course there were no incidents at today’s Patriots Day game between the Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park (the Red Sox won 3-2 on a walk-off RBI Double off the Monster by Mike Napoli for those of you who wish to know the result.)  However, if you see anything that looks even remotely suspicious, get a police officer’s attention and let them know.

If you’re going to the ballgame tonight, be safe and enjoy the game.


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