Carlos Quentin Suspended 8 Games. Jerry Hairston, Jr. Suspended 1. No word on Matt Kemp

Vin Scully just announced on air during the Top of the 2nd inning of the Dodgers-Diamondbacks game that the length of the suspension to Carlos Quentin for his involvement in last night’s bench-clearing brawl that broke the collarbone of Dodgers starter Zack Greinke will be 8 games.  Jerry Hairston, Jr., for his role coming out of the dugout and yelling at the Padres bench after the field had been somewhat cleared, will receive a one game suspension and a fine (Scully did not specify any fine amounts.)

Scully said “we are still waiting to hear on Matt Kemp,” meaning that Kemp has not been suspended yet, but that it is not clear whether or not he is still facing a suspension.  Kemp is in the lineup in Arizona tonight where the Dodgers host the Diamondbacks in what will be a battle for first place as the Giants lost in Chicago earlier today to create a momentary 3 way tie atop the National League West.

*EDIT:  Jerry Hairston, Jr. is also in the lineup tonight and is appealing his one game suspension.  Unless he drops his appeal, Hairston will have a hearing on the Dodgers’ next road trip when they will face the New York Mets.


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