More Opening Day Goodness

I have uploaded the rest of my video from Opening Day.  This is all amateurish film taken with my cell phone camera, and while the Galaxy Note II packs a formidable punch as far as cell phones go for filming things and taking pictures, it’s still just a cell phone camera.

I’ve used YouTube’s “Stablize” feature to attempt to take away some of the shaking so you all won’t feel so sea sick trying to watch these videos, but be warned that the videos are amateur in nature, as is my commentary.  That said, I wanted to share this unique look at Opening Day from my vantage point with anyone who cares to see it.

This first video is basically just me walking around the concourse with LizDesert Dodgerette and giving some opening commentary.  You can see the new playground for kids at the left field entry to the Reserve Level in part of this shot.

Different bands of different types greeted people as they came in the gates.  This band in particular made me feel like I’d just stepped out of the Haunted Mansion and into New Orleans Square at Disneyland.

This rock band was up at the Top Deck entry.  As those familiar with the Top deck will see, the concourse of the entry way has been expanded and the Top Of The Park Gift Shop has been replaced with a new, more modern replacement.  A similar gift shop now also exists at the Reserve Level’s left field entryway as well.

About 11 1/2 minutes of the pre-game ceremonies.

Another 12 minutes or so of the Opening Ceremony.  This includes footage of Koufax’s First Pitch.

Vin Scully declares “It’s time for Dodger Baseball.”  The Dodgers take the field.  Angel Pagan gets boo’d, takes a first pitch strike, then pops up to Mark Ellis to record the first out.  The 2013 season is underway!

At 3:40 P.M., Clayton Kershaw delivers a slow curveball to Pablo Sandoval, who hits a weak grounder up the third base line.  Luis Cruz fields it and throws to Adrian Gonzalez to record the final out of Kershaw’s 4-hit shutout.  I stumble a bit on running Kershaw’s stats, but hey, you get what you pay for, right?

Some closing commentary as I walk out the gate.


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