Opening Day Interviews with LizDesert Dodgerette

More opening day goodness. Here are the links to my interviews with DODGERS BROOKLYN TO LOS ANGELES page founder LizDesert Dodgerette. I got in a lenghty chat with Liz before the game and was able to get some follow-up with her in the 7th inning.

Liz provided some great insights into the team, sharing her thoughts on this year’s team, her history as a Dodger fan, her predictions for 2013, and a few thoughts about how the rest of the league looks this year.

Liz made two accurate predictions.
1.) Before the game, Liz predicted that Kershaw would pitch a complete game.
2.) In the 7th inning, Liz predicted that the Dodgers would “break it open” in the 8th.

Liz also made a bold prediction: 2013 is the Dodgers’ year.  Will the team live up to Liz’s expectations and bring a World Title to Los Angeles this fall?  If Opening Day is any indication, they have what it takes to make a run deep into October.

Throughout the season, I will be interviewing fans at the ballpark and elsewhere to get their takes on the Dodgers and baseball in general. Enjoy the interview!

And the follow-up in the 7th inning:


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